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Could you have diabetes and not know it?

More than 15 million people have diabetes—yet more than one-third donít even know it. Thatís because many symptoms of diabetes are "silent" and go unnoticed until the disease reaches advanced stages. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to serious health conditions such as blindness, heart attack, kidney failure or stroke. To find out if you may be at risk for diabetes, take the following health assessment from the American Diabetes Association.

Check each box that applies and then click the "Submit" button. This assessment should not be used to make your own diagnosis but rather as a tool to help identify your risks. Only your doctor can provide a true diagnosis.

I am a woman who has had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds at birth.

I have a sister or a brother with diabetes.

I have a parent with diabetes.

My weight is equal to or above that listed in the chart below.

I am under 65 years of age and I get little or no exercise.

I am between 45 and 64 years of age.

I am 65 years old or older.

At-Risk Weight Chart
Height Weight
In feet and inches without shoes In pounds without clothing
4'10" 129
4'11" 133
5' 0" 138
5' 1" 143
5' 2" 147
5' 3" 152
5' 4" 157
5' 5" 162
5' 6" 167
5' 7" 172
5' 8" 177
5' 9" 182
5' 10" 188
5' 11" 193
6' 0" 199
6' 1" 204
6' 2" 210
6' 3" 216
6' 4" 221
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