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Golf Fore Health Is the Work of Many Hands

2012 Golf Fore Health Registration and Sponsorship Form

The official colors of the annual Golf Fore Health event ought to be green and gold.  

The event is played on local greens, and it raisesGolf Fore Health Committee 2012 with caption green for equipment and improvements at Holyoke Medical Center. Since 1989, Golf Fore Health has contributed more than $750,000 for Holyoke Medical Center.

The gold symbolizes the event itself. Considering the superb golf courses where the competition takes place, the quality of the cuisine, the excellence of the prizes, and the overall conviviality of the day, Golf Fore Health always proves to be a cut above the rest.

The 2012 Golf Fore Health promises to carry on this time-honored tradition.

The event will take place Monday, Sept. 24 with golf at the Springfield Country Club in West Springfield and The Orchards Golf Club in South Hadley. The traditional cocktail party, with stations, awards ceremony and auction, will be held at the Springfield Country Club.

Every year, a committee of business leaders, private citizens, and hospital employees fine-tune what occurs.

Andrew Beaudry,. whose Private Financial Design is a Gold Sponsor this year, said the event draws him back for many reasons. He has first-hand knowledge of the life-saving work performed for family, friends, and neighbors. “I see it as a vital resource for our whole area,” he said. “The equipment purchased by the event and the upgrades might affect yourself, your next door neighbor, your long-time friend, your family members,” Beaudry said.

Secondly, Golf Fore Health is community-centered, not just a worthy fund-raiser. Organizers understand that the people and businesses who donate to the event as well as the golfers are well-recognized. “They do a good job making sure that everybody gets some recognition for their participation,” Beaudry said.

The event itself also has class. “The food, the golf, the music, the ambience -- the whole event is one level above many other tournaments in the area,” he said.

Springfield Country Club and The Orchards are both beautiful courses. Springfield is in meticulous shape and is fun to play. The Orchards is a championship level course.

The active participation of so many Holyoke Medical Center employees is also a testament to the vigor of the event. “It shouldn’t be unusual to have so many employees volunteering their time, but it’s not always the case,” Beaudry said. The medical center staff and medical community, however, are solidly behind the project and contribute their time, energy, and expertise.

Mark Richter, manager of Holyoke Medical Center Plant Operations, agrees that hospital employees are eager to be part of the project.

Richter, who has served on the steering committee for about 15 years. He and Doug Salamon, a painter at the hospital, decided they wanted to give employees more voice on the committee, and the medical center responded positively. The result is that many employees volunteer and continue to do so year after year.

“We feel we have made a difference,” Richter said. “If you do have a good idea, then you are heard as much as the president of a company, who is sitting next to you.” The aim is shared -- to continue to make Golf Fore Health stronger with each passing year, he said.

Richter also praises local business leaders who return to work on the committee or who sponsor the event. “Yes, they get accolades for their businesses, but it’s more than that. You’ll see them on the committee, be honored as a chairperson, then they stay on the committee for years to come,” he said.

For more information about Golf Fore Health please call Denise Rebmann, HMC development coordinator, at 413.534.2579.

2012 Golf Fore Health Registration and Sponsorship Form

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