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Q and AAsk a Doc:
How do I know if my drinking has become a problem?

Our answer comes from Dr. Andrea Stone, HMC Outpatient Behavioral Health Department:  If you are wondering if you have a problem with alcohol, ask yourself the following questions:

1.      If you're a man, do you ever have 4 or more drinks in a day?

2.      If you're a woman, do you ever have 3 or more drinks in a day?

3.      Do you think you need to cut back on how much you drink?

4.      Are you annoyed when other people comment on or criticize your drinking habits?

5.      Do you feel guilty about your drinking?

6.      Do you ever need a drink to get you started in the morning?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you may want to consider talking to your physician, mental health professional or contact Holyoke Medical Center's Center for Behavioral Health at (413) 534-2698.


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