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Holyoke Medical Center Presents "HMC Patient Portal - What Is It & How Should You Use It?"

portalHolyoke Medical Center will present an educational program on the new HMC Patient Portal on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the medical center's Auxiliary Conference Center.

The HMC Patient Portal will provide patients with instant, secure online access to their personal health information, including laboratory results, medications, allergies, visit history, and more. During this session, HMC Information Systems staff will guide participants through the process of signing up and navigating around the portal. With the help of HMC's new Patient Portal, patients will now have the opportunity to establish a stronger relationship with their healthcare providers and take a more proactive approach in their own healthcare.

Pre-registration is suggested but not required and can be done by calling the HMC Health Promotion Line at (413) 534-2789.


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