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Holyoke Medical Center Launches Patient Portal

portalHolyoke Medical Center is pleased to unveil its new patient portal that is currently available to all patients! This secure interactive web portal will allow patients to access their own health information from the privacy of their own home.

The HMC Patient Portal allows patients instant access to their hospital health information, including laboratory results and radiology reports, medications, allergies, demographic information, visit history, discharge/aftercare information and more. This will enable patients to become "partners" with their primary care physician. In addition to managing their own care, parents of minors and health care proxies with authorized consent will appreciate the ability to access information for those for whom they provide care.

Additional benefits of the portal include requesting and tracking appointments, updating demographic information and email notifications alerting users to any new activity such as laboratory test results, appointments or physician reports.

Anyone interested in enrolling in the HMC Patient Portal should visit the medical center's website at for details. Holyoke Medical Center encourages all of its patients to enroll as it presents a valuable opportunity to become proactive in one's own healthcare. Please note is not intended for self-diagnosis or self- medical management and patients should always contact their primary care physician with questions.

For additional information about the HMC Patient Portal, please visit the website or contact the HMC Health Information Management Office at (413) 534-2528.