The Center for Behavioral Health

The Center for Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality mental health and substance abuse treatment and information. Our caring and compassionate team approach addresses the physical, mental, and emotional needs of each individual.
Programs & Services
The Center for Behavioral Health

Inpatient Service

The Inpatient Service (M5) offers short-term inpatient treatment for those who require psychiatric hospitalization. Our staff of trained and experienced psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychiatric clinicians, social workers, and therapists provide coordinated, patient-centered treatment in a safe and respectful setting. Individualized treatment plans may include group-based sessions, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and family interventions. ECT with trained professional staff is available when indicated.

The Inpatient Service can be reached by calling (413) 534-2627.

Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP/IOP)

Providing intensive treatment for patients when individual therapy is not enough. The Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP/IOP) is an intensive, short-term outpatient program for adults with acute mental health problems and co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. The program offers intensive group therapy, daily structure and support as a positive alternative to inpatient treatment, or to promote more rapid transition from an inpatient stay.

Specialized co-occurring disorder groups that offer addiction education and relapse prevention skills are available to patients dealing with both mental health and substance abuse issues. Based on each patient’s individual medication needs, the PHP/IOP offers psychopharmacology evaluation and consultation with a board certified psychiatrist.

We believe that a supportive and cohesive healing environment can be created by focusing on the common aspects of recovery. For some, recovery will mean stabilization of their depressive or anxiety symptoms; for others it may mean finding ways build a sober support network, while stabilizing their mood.

The Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Program can be reached by calling (413) 534-2627.

Outpatient Service

Outpatient Service Individual, group, and couple counseling for adults provided by experienced psychotherapists. Our staff of licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and mental health counselors offer a wide range of specialties including:

  • mood disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD/trauma
  • EMDR
  • gay/lesbian/bisexual issues
  • stress management
  • dual diagnosis and substance abuse
  • grief
  • Please call to inquire about our current outpatient therapy groups.

We are committed to working closely with providers who prescribe psychiatric medications - psychiatrists, primary care providers, and APRN’s, as research has suggested that medication plus psychotherapy provides the best outcomes for patients with depression, anxiety, and other issues.

Day and evening appointments are available. The Outpatient Service can be reached by calling (413) 534-2698.


The Center for Behavioral Health accepts most health insurance plans, including authorized HMO and PPO referrals, as well as Medicare and Medicaid plans. Financial Counselors are available to discuss payment options to patients without insurance. Please call if you have any questions about payment arrangements.

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