Hospitalist Service

The Hospitalist Service at HMC is a team of physicians who work with Case Management, Quality Improvement, and other skilled health care professionals who deliver extraordinary care to our hospitalized patients.
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Hospitalist Service

HMC is a community hospital that offers 24-hour Emergency Care, and a comprehensive line of medical/surgical services including Obstetrics. Located in an economically challenged region of New England, our mission is to provide high quality care to every patient, without regard to their income level. Our Hospitalists are responsible for managing the quality of medical care while promoting efficient use of all the hospital’s resources. They are an integral part of the admission and discharge process.

Hospitalists make daily rounds on all their patients and many times will round again later in their shift on those patients whose treatment needs are most acute. Ongoing communication with the patients’ primary care or referring physicians is a key factor in the success of our Hospitalist Service. Upon discharge, the patients return to their primary physicians for ongoing care.

There are more than ten Hospitalists in the Service; most carry a full-time assignment. The daily operations of the Service are managed by a physician Director, with Medical Quality oversight through HMC’s Medical Director. Our Hospitalists are Board certified in Adult Medicine or Family Practice Medicine. Some have additional specialized training in various specialties. Our Hospitalist Service provides care for more than half of HMC’s inpatients.