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Depression quiz

How much do you know about depression? Find out by taking this quick quiz. Select the best answer to each of the following questions. When you're finished, click the submit button.


1. Depression can be caused by or be a side effect of

  A. high blood pressure medication.

  B. thyroid problems.

  C. diabetes.

  D. all of the above.


2. How many women will suffer from depression at some point in their life?

  A. every woman

  B. 1 in 5

  C. 1 in 10

  D. 1 in 50


3. What age group is most likely to suffer from depression?

  A. 65 +

  B. 40 - 50

  C. 28 - 36

  D. 13 - 18


4. St. John's wort may

  A. help ease mild depression.

  B. disrupt the body's ability to absorb iron.

  C. increase the skin's sensitivity to sun.

  D. all of the above.


5. Seasonal affective disorder is

  A. cabin fever.

  B. all in a person's imagination.

  C. a psychiatric illness that requires medical attention.

  D. allergies.


6. Treatments for depression may include

  A. psychotherapy.

  B. regular exercise.

  C. hormone replacement therapy.

  D. all of the above.