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Fitness quiz

Think you've learned the key to staying fit? Find out how much you really know about exercise and fitness by taking this quick quiz. Select the best answer to each of the following questions. When you're finished, click the submit button.


1. What is a reasonable weight-loss goal for the average person?

  A. losing 5 pounds in 10 weeks

  B. losing no more than 2 pounds per week

  C. losing 1 pound every other day

  D. losing 20 pounds in the first month


2. A good fitness program consists of

  A. cardiovascular exercise.

  B. muscle conditioning.

  C. stretching.

  D. all of the above.


3. Exercise

  A. elevates mood.

  B. prevents osteoporosis.

  C. controls diabetes.

  D. all of the above.


4. How much exercise should the average person get each day?

  A. 0 minutes

  B. 15 minutes

  C. 30 minutes

  D. 60 minutes


5. Ten minutes of water exercise equals what amount of land exercise?

  A. 1 minute

  B. 10 minutes

  C. 20 minutes

  D. 40 minutes


6. What activities are considered to be of a moderate level of exercise?

  A. raking leaves

  B. house cleaning

  C. playing with children

  D. all of the above