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Heart quiz

How much do you know about your heart health? Take this quick quiz to find out. Select the best answer to each of the following questions. When you're finished, click the submit button.


1. Risk factors for heart disease include

  A. high blood pressure.

  B. sedentary lifestyle.

  C. menopause.

  D. all of the above.


2. When pregnant, your blood volume

  A. remains the same.

  B. increases up to 50 percent.

  C. doubles.

  D. decreases at least 10 percent.


3. A person who has heart disease should never

  A. exercise.

  B. smoke.

  C. work.

  D. all of the above.


4. When cooking, what oil should you use least often?

  A. peanut

  B. olive

  C. coconut

  D. corn


5. How many times does the average person try to quit smoking before succeeding?

  A. 1

  B. 3 or 4

  C. 6 or 7

  D. 10


6. Compared to people who are not diabetic, someone with diabetes has

  A. less than half the risk of developing heart disease.

  B. the same risk for developing heart disease.

  C. at least double the risk of developing heart disease.

  D. none of the above.


7. Daily total sodium intake of a healthy person should not exceed

  A. 4,400 mg.

  B. 3,400 mg.

  C. 2,400 mg.

  D. 1,400 mg.