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Osteoporosis quiz

Think you've learned the key to keeping bones healthy? Find out how much you really know about osteoporosis by taking this quick quiz. Select the best answer to each of the following questions. When you're finished, click the submit button.


1. At what age do you reach maximum bone density and strength?

  A. 5 - 15

  B. 15 - 25

  C. 25 - 35

  D. 35 - 45


2. Compared to men, women are _____________ to develop osteoporosis?

  A. just as likely

  B. less likely

  C. twice as likely

  D. four times as likely


3. Which of the following is a cure for osteoporosis?

  A. a calcium-rich diet

  B. milk

  C. weight-bearing exercise

  D. none of the above


4. How much calcium should a woman in her child-bearing years consume every day?

  A. 500 mg

  B. 1,000 mg

  C. 2,000 mg

  D. 3,000 mg


5. What helps keep bones strong?

  A. exercise

  B. calcium

  C. vitamin D

  D. all of the above


6. Which of the following are risk factors for osteoporosis?

  A. early menopause

  B. small bone structure

  C. smoking cigarettes

  D. all of the above