Patient & Family Advisory Council

Holyoke Medical Center has established a Patient and Family Advisory Council to help patients and their families improve communication between themselves and the hospital staff and doctors involved in providing their care. The experience of care, as perceived by the patient and family, is an important factor in health care quality and safety. The cornerstone for patient-centered/family-centered care is bringing the perspectives of families and patients into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of their medical needs. Patients and their families will be included in discussions regarding policies, programs, and services, designed to make a patient's experience at the Medical Center satisfying. The council also strives to provide a venue through which patients and their families offer input into the development of community education programs.

If you are interested in becoming a council member or if you'd like more information, please contact Frances Fallon at (413) 534-2500, extension 2614. New members are always welcome!