Holyoke Medical Group

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Who We Are

Holyoke Medical Group is a physician group with the mission to provide medical services, including Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, to the residents of Holyoke, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities.

Our Locations

Adult Primary Healthcare Services

2 Hospital Drive,
Suite 101, Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (P) 413-536-8924
Fax: (F) ) 413-532-9141

1962 Memorial Drive,
Chicopee, MA 01020
Phone: (P) 413-552-3250
Fax: (F) 413-552-3255


Family Medicine Services

10 Hospital Drive,
Suite 104,
Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (P) 413-533-2452
Fax: (F) 413-533-3624


Healthcare for Infants through Adolescents

Western Mass Pediatrics
10 Hospital Drive,
Suite 201, Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (P) 413-534-2800
Fax: (F) ) 413-534-2801


Women's OB/GYN Healthcare Services with Nurse Midwives

Midwifery Care of Holyoke
230 Maple Street,
Suite 200, Holyoke MA 01040
Thorne’s Market Place, 3rd Floor, Northampton (satellite office)
Phone: (P) 413-535-4700
Fax: (F) 413-535-4704


Women's OB/GYN Healthcare Services

Western Mass OB/GYN
15 Hospital Drive,
Suite 501, Holyoke, MA 01040
Located on the 5th floor of Holyoke
Medical Center
Phone: (P) 413-534-2826
Fax: (F) 413-534-2829

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