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Employee & Provider Engagement Survey

Hello All,

I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the launch of the Valley Health System 2019 Your Voice Matters Employee and Provider Engagement Survey.   This year the survey starts on September 9th and runs for 3 weeks until September 30th.  You will receive a personal link from Press Ganey to take the survey on Monday, September 9th.  The survey format is the same as last year and you can complete it on a desktop or mobile device at work or at home.  It takes about 20 minutes to complete.  And YES we will have prizes as we did last year.   

You will be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes if you complete the survey:

·         Vacation Days

·         Alexa w/Smart Home Hub

·         JBL Wireless Speakers

·         Fit Bits

·         Wireless Ear Buds                                           

·         Wireless Headphones

·         Fire Stick with Alexa

·         Visa Gift Cards

·         Air Pod

·         Apple Watches

·         iPad

·         Grand Prize:  65” Smart TV

The earlier you complete the survey the greater the chance you have of winning a prize.  A prize will be drawn for each 5% participation threshold we reach, with a goal of reaching 90% participation.   Last year we had an impressive participation rate of 82%, but I know that this year we are going to beat it.  

Your Voice Matters – last year you told us that we had opportunities in the following areas:

Let’s take a look at some of the initiatives we accomplished in the last year based on your feedback:

1.       Training for Success & Career Development

a.       We partnered with Westfield State University to introduce a Leadership Academy and enrolled 20 of our leaders in the program which started in February

b.      We partnered with Employers Association of New England to introduce a 6 course Leadership curriculum which 102 of our managers and supervisors are attending

c.       Provided $222,000  of tuition reimbursement to 297 employees enrolled in degree, certification, career development and continuing education programs

d.      Partnered with Holyoke Community College to offer a certification program for medical assistants.  35 MA’s completed the program and 13 have become certified as of this time

e.      Provided CPI, non-violence crisis intervention training to all nursing division employees

2.       Providing Tools for Best Care

a.       Replaced 102 patient beds with new Stryker beds

b.      EMR upgrade to Meditech Expanse for HMC inpatient and HMG outpatient offices with a go live planned for August, 2020

c.       Opened Chicopee and Westfield offices

d.      A “Great IDEA” recommendation was implemented to develop an Office Depot pre-approved list of routine supplies we purchase which is predicted to save the organization $25,000 annually

3.       Organizational Communication

a.       Hired a Chief Experience Officer, our former Studer coach, to build a formal organizational structure around Employee, Patient, and Community experience.  This team will focus on improving the communication that occurs between employees with each other, between employees and our patients and their families and between our community and our organization

b.      Introduced organization wide daily safety huddle to improve awareness and timely communication and resolution for any areas of concern

c.       Introduced certification recognition events for nurses and medical assistants

d.      Re-invigorated many of the tactics taught to us by Studer, including Leader Rounding on our Patients, establishing clear and achievable goals for our leaders, and Leader Rounding on Employees

e.      Established a monthly Patient Experience Meeting for leaders to report out on their patient experience survey results

f.        Expanded the CEO Blog to include all executive team members

g.       Adjusted the monthly management meetings for more open communication time amongst the entire leadership team

4.       Providing Competitive Pay
We worked with an outside firm (Sibson) to assist us in creating a complete wage system that allowed us to: 

a.       Review all jobs within the system and compare wages to our market

b.      Develop and introduce  new pay grades for each job category 

c.       Make pay adjustments based on the results of the market data and the recommended range

d.      Update market data for each job category so we can make informed decisions about wages

e.      Increase our night shift differential rate across all categories to be more competitive

f.        Raise the minimum wage to $14 ($2 above the state minimum)

I also wanted to share some actions that were taken by the VNA and RVCC in response to employee feedback:


1.       Two new programs- Total Joint Replacement in January & Palliative Program in February 

2.       Monthly In Service development 

3.       Roll out of Meditech in October, 2019

4.       Utilization Review & Centralized Scheduling Implementation

5.       Various community presentations and educational in-services


1.       Upgraded EMR from Echo to CareLogic in October, 2018

2.       Updated RVCC Website

3.       Remodeled Clinics

4.       Easthampton Clinic opened in 2018 in the Hatfield & Hadley School System

5.       ROCA Partnership

6.       Began working with ENLACE to provide Child Requiring Assistance Services 

7.       Expanding crisis support services to school systems

8.       New Program Rollouts: In Home Behavior Services, Therapeutic Mentoring, Child Behavioral Health Initiative

9.       New grants: Seeking Safety, Adolescent Community Reinforcement, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, BYRT Grant Approach   

As you can see when you share feedback about how to make this organization the best place to work and the best place to provide care, we listen and take action. Your Voice Matters! Look for the survey link that will be e-mailed to you by Press Ganey on Monday, September 9th and take the survey. 

Watch for more information about our survey kick-off events on September 9th!

Thank you!


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