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Mission Statement

Our Mission at Holyoke Medical Center is to improve the health of all people in our community. We do that with honesty, respect and dignity for our patients, visitors and staff. We do that through expert and compassionate care, education and knowledge sharing, community partnerships, fostering innovation and growth and by inspiring hope in all we touch. We do that by being good stewards of our resources and providing efficient and cost effective care to all.


To be the Best Place for Care and the Best Place to Work.


At Valley Health Systems we are committed to ACE it! ACE stands for AWESOME CARE Every time.

If care is not affordable, it may as well be nonexistent – we strive to innovate our care delivery to achieve the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost

We treat the whole person – not body parts – not diseases – we treat the mind, body and soul

Evidence Based
We use evidence based practice in every care decision

Safety above all – for our patients, our visitors and our staff – we don’t cut corners – ever – each and everyone of us is empowered to speak up and take action to keep someone safe

Outcome Driven
We provide care to achieve the best outcomes – we assess our interventions – we constantly improve – we learn from our shortcomings and build on our successes

We go about our work in a mindful way – we use AIDET every time – all the time – all our actions and interactions contribute to our vision: “The best place for care – The best place to work”

We do not waste our patients or coworkers time – we don’t waste supplies and resources including our own time – we do it right the first time every time

We coordinate our patients’ care – we help them navigate the complex healthcare system – we follow up – we don’t abandon them

We are accountable for our actions, our behavior and our performance – we are accountable to our patients, our community and to each other

We treat our patients, our visitors and each other with respect and professionalism – we respect our differences as humans – our cultures, our heritage, and our beliefs

We do all this with empathy – in every one of our interactions – we treat people like mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and grandmothers and grandfathers and daughters and sons


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