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Anesthesiology Services

Prior to coming to Holyoke Medical Center, any patient expecting to undergo anesthesia should have an understanding of what’s involved in the process. This brief summary is aimed at helping you learn more about anesthesia

Please note: Before you undergo any medical procedure, be sure to talk to your health-care-provider. They have a wealth of information that they can share with you. This website information is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified health-care provider.

What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is a vital part of modern medicine. It provides for patients to be put into a painless state, which is brought about by various drugs (anesthetics). It is used during many medical procedures, such as surgery.

There are three principal types of anesthesia:

  • general- affects the entire body
  • regional- affects a particular section of the body, such as a leg or an arm
  • monitored anesthesia care– the anesthesiologist will provide you with sedation
    during the procedure, and the surgeon will administer local anesthesia specifically in the area where he or she is operating.

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