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89%: Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease with a speech or voice disorder which will negatively impact quality of life.   

100%: Patients who report improvement in their ability to communicate after LSVT LOUD. 

80%: Patients who maintain improvments for 12-24 months post treatment.

Holyoke Medical Center is proud to offer LSVT LOUD®, a proven Voice Therapy for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological communication disorders. Our staff helps patients maintain their quality of life and live well by overcoming communication obstacles.

Parkinson’s Disease and Communication

In addition to affecting walking and use of the arms, Parkinson’s can impact communication.  The loudness of one’s speech decreases making individuals difficult to hear.  Facial muscles weaken resulting in expressions that can be misinterpreted as disinterested or angry.  All can lead to social isolation, withdrawal from favorite activities, diminishing quality of life and independence.  

What is LSVT LOUD®?

LSVT LOUD is proven to be an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson Disease (PD) and other neurological conditions. Published research supports improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals with PD who received LSVT LOUD, with improvements maintained up to two years after treatment. 

How does LSVT LOUD work?

LSVT LOUD improves vocal loudness through a systematic hierarchy of exercises. The treatment does not train people for shouting or yelling; rather, LSVT LOUD uses loudness training to bring the voice to an improved, healthy vocal loudness with no strain.

What does an LSVT LOUD program look like? 

LSVT LOUD is a globally standardized treatment protocol delivered by LSVT certified Speech Language Pathologists who are certified in this program. Treatments delivered by LSVT certified clinicians consist of the following: 

Four consecutive LSVT LOUD sessions a week, for four consecutive weeks

  • Session are individual one-hour treatment sessions
  • Daily homework/carryover assignments
  • A singular focus on increased loudness in speech
  • A focus on sensory recalibration to assist in generalization of increased loudness outside of the treatment room 

How does someone start with an LSVT LOUD certified clinician?

  • Have a voice evaluation with one of our certified Speech Language Pathologist to determine if LSVT program is appropriate
  • Obtain a laryngeal evaluation by an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician to assure there are no contraindications to therapy and that the vocal folds are healthy (e.g. no nodules, polyps)
  • Receive Physician prescription for a medically necessary treatment
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