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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Desiree, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Alisha, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Tabitha Golz, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Donald May, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Shawn Wrisley, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Eduardo Orta, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Jeff M., Bariatric Surgery Patient

Ruth M., Gastric Bypass Patient

Elizabeth St. John, Gastric Bypass Patient

Dr. Raftopoulos “The Man to See”

He Saved My Life

Nobody Can Do It For You

Start of a New Life

What to Expect & Results

Read testimonials from some of our patients! Click their names to read more.

Yamaira (click to read her story)
Surgery Patient, lost over 115 lbs

Vimari & Jorge (click to read their story)
Gastric Bypass, lost 113 and 181 lbs

Donald (click to read his story)
Surgery Patient, lost over 120 lbs

Elimayda (click to read her story)
Gastric Bypass, lost over 110 lbs

Simonne (click to read her story)
Gastric Bypass, lost over 150 lbs

Victor (click to read his story)
Gastric Bypass

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