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“I’m back in the gym. I feel good.”

At 360 pounds, Donald Thomas was overweight, trying to diet and working like crazy. “I just wasn’t losing much,” says Thomas, who is 6’2” and the father of two sons.

He recalls that he was prediabetic, out of shape, exhausted and frustrated—but he knew better than most people what might be done about it. A surgical technician, he’d worked with Dr. Raftopoulos in the operating room and seen the wise, compassionate care the doctor gives his patients. Four years ago, he decided to become one of them.

Thomas says he lost 120–130 pounds and now loves the amount of energy he has. Now, instead of size 5X, he can wear extra-extra large, or even just extra-large.
“I eat less,” he reports. “I’m back in the gym. I feel good.”

Instead of being short of breath climbing stairs and having no stamina, Thomas plays basketball and works out with his oldest son. “I have the energy to work two jobs,” he says.

Even though he’s a surgical professional, Thomas admits he had some initial fears about having the procedure himself. He says it was Dr. Raftopoulos’ bedside manner and encouragement that gave him the comfort to go ahead.

“He cares, and he’s there for you,” says Thomas. “I don’t know many doctors who call you daily to make sure you’re OK.”

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