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Holyoke Medical Center's Speech & Hearing Department is committed to ensuring our adult patients remain engaged, active, happy, and healthy through better speech & hearing.

Who should see a Speech Language Pathologist at Holyoke Medical Center?

As we age, sometimes things happen that impact our ability to communicate or swallow.  Be it a traumatic event like a stroke or head injury; an acquired problem due to diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis; Cancer; vocal abuse; or severe or long term illnesses, a person who was once able to communicate effectively or swallow without coughing, can develop problems in these areas.
Speech Language Pathologists work with people who have difficulty speaking, listening, reading, writing, thinking and swallowing after these life-changing events to improve communication, restore skills and/or develop compensations strategies, and work with families and caregivers about the challenges the patient faces and what they can do to help.  Adults who work with Speech Language Pathologists at Holyoke Medical Center do so to improve their health, independence and quality of life. 
Speech Language Pathologists at Holyoke Medical Center can assist in differentiating between normal aging and disordered communication or swallowing function. Speech Language Pathologists provide vital services to those individuals who do have communication, cognitive, or swallowing impairments following illness, trauma, or disease. Speech Language Pathologists at Holyoke Medical Center also have a role in preventing communication and swallowing disorders by promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating consumers about how to prevent stroke and other disorders that may lead to impairment.
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If you know someone that can benefit from our services, please let them know about us.  There are resources available to help individuals and their families/caregivers cope with changes in communication due to injury, illness, or disease.  Having the knowledge gives you back some control over a process that has happened to you.  Having a plan to improve or maintain quality of life is empowering.


Who should have their hearing tested?

Routine hearing testing from the age of 55 years and older is a critical piece of your healthcare.  Hearing loss is gradual and if you can’t hear as well as you used to, you often don’t realize what you are missing until it has progressed significantly.  How do you get the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing? Knowing what your hearing is like, how it may impact your communication, your involvement in the activities you love, employment, and the ability to age in place, allows you to consider the options available for treatment early for the best long term outcomes.

Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists are key members of your health care team.  When you see an HMC team member, you can be confident that they are familiar with current practices, research and technologies. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge of how the ear and brain work together for you to hear and understand, how hearing loss impacts your mood and energy level, the technology available to assist you, and how to improve your hearing. Through a thorough history, individualized test selection, and individualized management strategies, we help provide knowledge and access to sound that supports healthy brain activity, prevents falls, and reduces the risk of depression as we age.
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Call Holyoke Medical Center’s Speech & Hearing Department for an appointment to learn about your hearing and what hearing aids can do for your overall wellbeing – don’t wait for a decline in your quality of life to do something about it. We are here for you!
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