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Provider Support

Patient support is an important part of our Weight Management Program. Our surgeons and physician assistants give you custom food and exercise plans at your initial visit.  Your progress is monitored on a regular basis to assure you are able to successfully follow your plans. You have regular and timely appointments with all of your providers – surgeons, physician assistants, behavioral health therapist, dietitian – to document your progress and make adjustments to your plans as needed. Additional appointments with our therapists and dietitian are available as needed.  

You will not be alone on this weight loss journey. We will be with you every step of the way, answering questions, customizing your plans, giving advice and support before and after you reach your goal.

Facebook Pages and Peer Support

Holyoke Medical Center Weight Management Program has a public Facebook page, Weight Loss for Life, sharing general information about our program, dates for important events, links to relevant websites, and current information concerning bariatric surgery. Staying informed and up to date with our program is just a click away.

Our private Facebook page Holyoke Medical Center Bariatric Support Group (for post op patients) offers support from your peers.  You will be able to share your journey with others in the program, hear their stories and tips as well as receive important feedback and information from our specially trained behavior health therapist and dietitian. 

Group and Individual Therapy Support

Our specially trained behavioral health therapist conducts weekly group therapy meetings offering mental health information applicable to the journey, directed discussion on the topic, and exercises to help us understand the concepts.    

The therapist also schedules private individual therapy appointments to provide important insight into the psychological effects and behaviors that brought us to and help us succeed with our bariatric surgery.  

Educational Workshops

Our program offers regularly scheduled workshops for the continuing education and support of our patients relative to exercise, dietary requirements, mental health, and meal preparation for the weight loss journey.