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“I am no longer a diabetic, and I don’t have high blood pressure.”

Four years after a gastric bypass procedure, Elimayda Vazquez, 42, a home loan production specialist who lives in Manchester, Conn., is grateful.

“I thank God first, and then Dr. Raftopoulos, for the new me,” she says.

Before her operation, Vazquez was a diabetic with high blood pressure. She also had bad eating habits. She was a bit of a junk-food junkie, favoring “pizza, fast food, soda and lots of candy,” she says.  

That all seems like long ago. She marvels at the person she’s become.  “I am no longer a diabetic, and I don’t have high blood pressure,” she says. Even in the old days, Vazquez went to the gym. But back then it was a struggle to get through two workouts a week. She now goes five days a week, doing cardio, weights—and running sometimes twice a day. Not only is Vazquez sleeping better, she’s eating better also. Her plate is full of vegetables and small portions of meat. Her sweet tooth is satisfied with fruit.

Vazquez says she is amazed by her dramatic weight loss. While she used to weigh 247, she’s now down to 130. Another pleasant surprise was the quick recovery time from surgery.

When she thinks about the many choices she’s made in her lifetime, says Vazquez, “having this surgery done was one of my best.”

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